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Certified translation service in Chennai

When it comes to delivering certified translations, Tamilnadu Translation Srvices takes care of all pertaining requirements like providing high quality translations, timely delivery, maintaining accuracy levels and preparing affidavit for the translation as required by many diplomatic missions of several countries including UK, USA, Australia, any of the European countries or any other respective authorities like the Canadian Immigration, Medical Council of Canada, etc.

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Translation Service Tamil Nadu

Stages/sections of certified translation
  • Original / true copy of the source document to be translated.
  • True and professional translation of the source document
  • A duly signed and stamped certificate, issued by the translator or an authorized signatory from the translation company, certifying and attesting that the translator or translation company confirms that the translated document is an accurate and genuine translation of the original source document, followed by the seal of the company.
  • Once the above steps are completed, in the final stage, the documents are authenticated by the Indian Translators Association (ITAINDIA), the only professional body of translators in India, duly recognized by the world’s apex body, International Federation of Translators (FIT), Switzerland connecting more than 110 Translation Associations of the world coming from 72 countries.
Which translations need certification?

Usually, personal documents like a variety of certificates, diplomas, transcripts and many kinds of legal documents belonging to individuals need an official certification. Often, certified translation is required by diplomatic missions, government agencies and universities. For example, Canadian Immigration authorities demand an affidavit for a translation, and Medical Council of Canada requires the translation to be done by a certified member of the International Federation of Translators. Tamilnadu Translation Services takes care of all pertaining requirements like providing high quality translations, timely delivery, maintaining accuracy levels, and preparing an affidavit for the translation as required by the Canadian Immigration, Medical Council of Canada or any other respective authorities / diplomatic missions including UK, US or European countries.
Many times, under very specific circumstances, the diplomatic missions demand certified translations from their respective countries. Tamilnadu Translation Services, with its global network of translators, facilitates such activities as well. 
In addition, if required, we also get the documents notarized by the Notary in Tamilnadu. This further adds value to the authenticity of the signatures on the translated documents under a concept called “Oath” / “Buena Fe” / “Good Faith” and serves as an affidavit. Also we facilitate embassy and government approved translation, Notary, Attestation, Apostille and provide Quality Services.For any further assistance do WhatsApp at: +91- 9500099776

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